We adhere to a strict and

comprehensive safety policy.

Cembell is committed to providing both our clients and employees with a safe work environment.   We utilize a full-time safety inspector both in the shop and field.
Built on Safety, Quality and Teamwork...

Cembell employs a rigid

quality assurance program.

Our quality assurance program tracks jobs from inception to completion.   Nothing leaves our shop until we know it will meet our customer's demand for excellence and performance...

Remember, there is no

"I" in TEAM.

Training, training and more training.   At least 10 years of experience per employee.   We maintain communication between management and employees.   Proper attitude between management and craftsmen...

welcome guest!

Cembell is proud to be a member of the Women's Business Enterprise National Council. We have been a member since 2009.



"Cembell was able to manufacture 11 identical heat exchangers and deliver 8 of them on-time and 3 ahead of schedule. This was on an already compressed schedule due..."

"It's amazing what you can accomplish when capable people work together and focus on accomplishing a goal, rather than letting barriers get in the way. Makes work a lot more enjoyable!"

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